Steel Beam Chair-Rail

I’m going to take a bit of break from writing about my Crystal Ball Lamp and describe some of the things I made before I started this blog.  This article will be about a chair-rail I made for the wall behind my dinette table.  I live in a converted factory building.  With its high, exposed concrete ceilings, exposed metal duct-work, and outer brick walls, I decided against a more conventional chair-rail made of wood moulding.  I wanted something a bit industrial.  The place just screamed for a steel beam.  :P

This project was actually fairly simple once I found the beam.  It’s a C-beam purchased from a company that provides small orders of structural steel and aluminum, often cut to size.  It appears that their customers are often do-it-yourselfers and decorators that just want a few pieces.  I didn’t even need to get my order cut-to-size, since I wanted a beam that was 4-feet long and that was one of their standard sizes.  All I did was clean up the edges, steel wool the entire surface, oil the surface a bit and drill holes for the bolts that mount it to the wall (through studs since a steel beam is indeed kinda heavy).  I thought it would be more difficult to drill through the steel, but a good tungsten carbide drill bit plus some cutting oil handled the job quite nicely.

Oh!  And one more thing!  Always wear safety glasses when doing things like drilling through steel.  Banana Bear (the yellow bear in the photos) got to wear mine for a little while after I finished this project.

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