Flower Chandelier, part 3

Aaaaaaaaaa!!! Hexapus!!!!

Queue the trumpet fan-faire!  All the parts for the chandelier have been finished!  This article is a quick photo journey through the assembly of the chandelier.  Most of the difficulty in this project was designing and making all the parts.  The actual assembly was fairly easy.  All the parts are stacked onto a central rod.  The rod is threaded over its entire length and I used nuts and flanges between various parts to distribute the weight, so it’s not all sitting on the bottom-most part.


In need of a brain …
The brain has been installed.
The microcontroller is on the bottom board. The components on the top handle the voltage regulating. They produce the most heat, so they’re on top.


The white circular thing above the electronics compartment is an RGB LED strip that will provide accent-lighting for the parts above.

Top pieces

Finished assembly.
The main lights are on at their lowest power so that they don't overwhelm my camera's light-metering. The accent lights were set to emit a yellow light that mirrored the yellow of the acrylic flower petals.

There is a concrete beam crossing my ceiling that's near the place where the chandlier will hang, but unfortunately, that beam isn't quite where I want it, so I'll attach an aluminum beam to it and the chandelier will hang from one end of that beam.

The threads seen sticking out the top are the other side of the hook from which the chandelier's chain will hang.


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