Mobile Drill-Press Table

My home is not all that large – it’s just a one bedroom condo.  So I don’t have room for a workshop.  But as you can tell from this blog, I like to make stuff.  Finding space for my makery’s ever expanding collection of tools can be problematic.  I recently bought a drill-press.  While trying to figure out where to put it while it’s not in use, I decided to make a mobile table for it and for my vise.  Then I can just roll it into a corner of my bedroom when I’m not using it.

I wanted the table to be stable while using the drill-press, but I also wanted it to be mobile. These design goals conflict somewhat.  So I borrowed an idea from Norm Abram (who in turn borrowed the idea from a scenic shop (for the film industry?  for theatre?  not sure)).  He describes a workbench with retractable wheels.  When the wheels are up, the table rests on its own legs and thus is quite stable; when the wheels are down, the legs are lifted off the floor so the whole thing can roll. I flipped his design around a bit.  Hinged blocks drop down to hold the wheels in place when the wheels are down.  Putting the wheels down requires kicking the blocks into place, so I have the wheel assemblies on the outside ends of the table to make kicking things into place easier.  This also made the wheelbase a bit longer, which helps a lot since the table is not all that big.  The ropes tied to the blocks just make it easier to pull the blocks up when I’m raising the wheels. Also, it’s hard to tell from the photos, but the legs are lifted about an inch when the wheels are down.

Wheels Down, front
Note the hinged blocks on the sides that prevent the wheel board from flipping up.

Wheels Up, front

Wheels Down, rear

Wheels Up, rear


I also added a drawer. Roller catches keep the drawer from opening while I’m moving the table. The bottom shelf has a lip around it to keep items from sliding off when moving the table; and I mounted some pegboard on the back, so I can store even more in this table.  The whole thing is quite rigid and stable when it is on the fixed legs.  I do want to get some kind of dust cover that I can drape over the top, so it doesn’t get all dusty when it’s sitting in my bedroom.  But yay!  My drill-press and vise just became a lot more usable without cluttering my living space!

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