A Display Easel

Easel, frontHi all!

I just finished a fun little project.  For our camp at Lakes of Fire this year, I cut some slate so we could use it as a chalkboard.  After getting home, I propped up the chalkboard against a wall and decided that I really liked seeing it there.  So I decided to make an easel to support it for display.

It’s made from maple, stained with a dark walnut color.  The three legs are held together at the top with a 1/4″ steel shaft.  The item being displayed is held up by a pair of shaker pegs.  I drilled several holes along the front legs, so the pegs could be positioned at various heights.  I tapped the pegs so that I could fix some threaded rods into them, and added some nice thumbscrews so they could be tightened against the legs.  This worked quite well — the pegs are quite rigid when the thumbscrews are tightened and can support quite a bit of weight.  At least for now, I decorated it a bit by wrapping some colored aluminum wire around the cross-bracing board near the bottom.

And that’s it!  I now have the chalkboard on display at home and it’s fairly portable so I can use the easel and chalkboard for upcoming Gothee House events too!


20140717_easel_02  20140717_easel_03

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