The Gothee House Clock, part 2


So, alas, I did not finish the Gothee House clock in time for Lakes of Fire this year.  But all is not lost; it’s still a worthwhile project!  There will be other events!  Work on the clock ticks ever onwards!  In fact, I’ve come a long way on the clock and felt that it was long past time that I get an update posted to this blog.

All the gears are mounted!  I still have some work to do on the escapement mechanism (I need to re-cut the piece with the pallets).  After much work everything spins freely enough that the clock can actually be powered with just a single three pound weight.  (yay!)  Just so I have a margin of error, I’m using a 5 lb weight.

Clock Face

Clock Face

Our Gothee House logo has a really cool feature — it’s radially symmetric around the horizontal axis. In other words, you can rotate it 180° and it looks the same!  I just had to show off this feature with the clock.  So, in the center of the clock face, will be our logo.  It’s attached to a geneva mechanism and a 2:1 gear-set so that every so often (about 7 minutes), it will flip 180°!  Hopefully this will be often enough that random passersby notice it, but not so often that it’s just plain annoying.


Pendulum Bob

I’ve just started work on the pendulum.  Once I started work on the pendulum bob, I got a bit carried away. tongue2  I started out thinking I would make it look like the blade of a scythe, doing the whole Pit and the Pendulum reference.  With my name, I feel a bit of a connection to Edgar Allen Poe, after all.  But thus far, the clock wasn’t romantic enough.  It has some gothic themes, but it wasn’t really a work of Madeline.  So instead I made the bob a heart.  Being goth, it’s a heart bound with wire.  I added a heart-shaped copper plate to the center to contrast with the wood.  And then it just needed spirals and curly bits, because everything is better with spirals and curly bits.  The picture to the left shows the end result.  It’s on a threaded rod so that its distance from the pivot can be adjusted easily and precisely. Hidden behind the heart is a weight, so that the center-of-mass of the pendulum plus the pendulum rod will be mostly concentrated at the pendulum bob.

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