Vignettes de fées, en plus

I’ve now photographed the rest of the faerie vignettes I made for the Gothee House fundraiser!   Come away, O human child! To the waters and the wild With a faerie, hand in hand. For the world’s more full of weeping than you can understand. – William Butler Yeats


Vignettes de fées

I’ve been quite busy lately working on faerie dioramas for the upcoming Gothee House fundraiser.  I finally took a moment to take pictures.  I need to figure out how to photograph these better — many of the mushrooms have some iridescent paint mixed in.  This makes them reflective enough that a lot of the photos […]


The Gothee House Clock, part 2

So, alas, I did not finish the Gothee House clock in time for Lakes of Fire this year.  But all is not lost; it’s still a worthwhile project!  There will be other events!  Work on the clock ticks ever onwards!  In fact, I’ve come a long way on the clock and felt that it was […]

Easel, front

A Display Easel

Hi all! I just finished a fun little project.  For our camp at Lakes of Fire this year, I cut some slate so we could use it as a chalkboard.  After getting home, I propped up the chalkboard against a wall and decided that I really liked seeing it there.  So I decided to make […]


The Gothee House Clock, part 1 – Escaping Time

This summer I’m going to Lakes of Fire with Gothee House! Lakes of Fire is one of the regional burns associated with the Burning Man Organization.  This one takes place near the eastern side of Lake Michigan.  Gothee House will have a camp there, providing finely brewed coffee and a gothic-industrial dance floor.  We’ll have […]

Fairy Ring

Fairy Christmas Railroad Teaser #2

I’m continuing in my tradition of not actually writing a full article about my Fairy Christmas Railroad; but I have another video for you! This one shows the fairy ring I made!  There are LEDs on the underside of the mushrooms which can run various lightshows.


Fairy Christmas Railroad Teaser

  Argh!  I haven’t written to this blog for a long time!  I’ve been busy working on a fairy village themed model railroad for my Christmas tree and I keep never getting around to writing about my progress.  I’ve taken lots of pictures as the construction has progressed, so I have a lot to work […]


Fishies in the Forest

  This project is yet another node in my home’s sensor network.  It needed two main functional parts: (1) a motion sensor across the entryway to my bedroom, and (2) a switch to control the lights on my bed (my canopy bed has lots of little LEDs hanging on it).  It would communicate wirelessly with […]


Mobile Drill-Press Table

My home is not all that large – it’s just a one bedroom condo.  So I don’t have room for a workshop.  But as you can tell from this blog, I like to make stuff.  Finding space for my makery’s ever expanding collection of tools can be problematic.  I recently bought a drill-press.  While trying […]


The Hat Vine

I’ve been accumulating hats recently.  I’ve been piling them on my dinette table or throwing them over my couch whenever I needed the space, but that isn’t really a good long term storage solution.  The time came for me to make something on which to hang my hats.  Easy peasy, says I, I’ll just take a […]