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Flower Chandelier, part 3

Queue the trumpet fan-faire!  All the parts for the chandelier have been finished!  This article is a quick photo journey through the assembly of the chandelier.  Most of the difficulty in this project was designing and making all the parts.  The actual assembly was fairly easy.  All the parts are stacked onto a central rod.  […]


Flower Chandelier, part 2

I’ve been busy, busy, busy designing parts for the chandelier.  The picture to the left shows a rendering of the parts I modeled in CAD.  I dragged my Dad into the project for the wooden parts – he has a lathe and I don’t, but mostly because he’s really good at woodworking.  (Thanks Dad!)  He also […]


Flower Chandelier, part 1

All right, I haven’t written for a while and it’s because I’ve been busy designing my next project – a chandelier that will hang above my dinette table!  This is so fun!  I worked up an approximation of what I want in Googly SketchUp, shown in the picture to the left.  The white parts are […]


Christmas Village Streets and Streetlights

I have several Christmas village buildings and props that I put up each year on my fireplace mantel around Christmas.  This year I decided to make streets and a backdrop for it.  The streets and backdrop are ink-jet printed on thick photo paper.  The backdrop was also glued to foam-core board. Over the years I’ve accumulated […]


I Ate’nt Dead

A couple days ago I made a couple fairly quick items for my sister’s upcoming 40th birthday. The first is a wooden sign she can wear around her neck when taking naps.  Such things are important as you get older.    (Fans of Terry Pratchett will understand the reference.)  I printed out the text on […]



As with the last few posts I’ll be describing something I made before starting this blog.  I did this one during the summer.  I découpaged a bunch of big wooden letters for my kitchen (the black around the edges is india ink). Steel strips are mounted to my wall and the letters are held to […]


Mushroom Table

In my previous post, I wrote about my canopy bed.  Now that I had a bed that looked like something out of a fairy-tale I desperately needed a better bedside table.  I had just been using an old metal filing cabinet.  It was functional, but didn’t look all that great.  So for my next project, […]


Canopy Bed

My very first sewing project!  I did this project in December of 2009.  I had recently purchased a canopy bed frame, so the next step, of course, was decorating it.  I bought the fabric from Vogue Fabrics, a local fabric store.  The sheer coppery-orange organza curtains are hung from the frame with fabric tabs which are […]


Steel Beam Chair-Rail

I’m going to take a bit of break from writing about my Crystal Ball Lamp and describe some of the things I made before I started this blog.  This article will be about a chair-rail I made for the wall behind my dinette table.  I live in a converted factory building.  With its high, exposed […]

Main Board (piggybacks on Arduino Mega)

Crystal Ball Lamp, part 3

—— The Electronics —— In this post I’ll discuss the design of the electronics part of the Crystal Ball Lamp. The lamp is controlled by an Arduino Mega microcontroller board.  I was originally going to use a less expensive Arduino Pro Mini.  It doesn’t provide enough PWM outputs for the nine LED channels I wanted to control, […]

Crystal Ball Lamp, part 2

LED drivers – LED Supply power supply – LED Supply custom printed-circuit boards – BatchPCB.  I like how easy their web-based storefront makes it to submit designs to have produced, but they keep messing up my orders so I may have to find another place to have my circuit boards made. whew.  I think that’s […]


Crystal Ball Lamp, part 1

I purchased some high-powered RGB LEDs from Sparkfun Electronics mostly because I wanted to play with them enough to learn how to use them, but also because I thought I might use them in a chandelier I’m going to make to hang over my dinette table. As I played with them, I realized that they […]


La Terre et la Lune

moon phase

age: 1.4 days
illumination: 2.1%
angular size: 0.51°

distance from Earth center:
391,840 km
243,480 mi
moon orbital position

distance from Earth to Sun:
151,520,000 km
94,151,000 mi
earth orbital position