Main Board (piggybacks on Arduino Mega)

Crystal Ball Lamp, part 3

—— The Electronics —— In this post I’ll discuss the design of the electronics part of the Crystal Ball Lamp. The lamp is controlled by an Arduino Mega microcontroller board.  I was originally going to use a less expensive Arduino Pro Mini.  It doesn’t provide enough PWM outputs for the nine LED channels I wanted to control, […]

Crystal Ball Lamp, part 2

LED drivers – LED Supply power supply – LED Supply custom printed-circuit boards – BatchPCB.  I like how easy their web-based storefront makes it to submit designs to have produced, but they keep messing up my orders so I may have to find another place to have my circuit boards made. whew.  I think that’s […]


Crystal Ball Lamp, part 1

I purchased some high-powered RGB LEDs from Sparkfun Electronics mostly because I wanted to play with them enough to learn how to use them, but also because I thought I might use them in a chandelier I’m going to make to hang over my dinette table. As I played with them, I realized that they […]