The Gothee House Clock, part 2

So, alas, I did not finish the Gothee House clock in time for Lakes of Fire this year.  But all is not lost; it’s still a worthwhile project!  There will be other events!  Work on the clock ticks ever onwards!  In fact, I’ve come a long way on the clock and felt that it was […]

Easel, front

A Display Easel

Hi all! I just finished a fun little project.  For our camp at Lakes of Fire this year, I cut some slate so we could use it as a chalkboard.  After getting home, I propped up the chalkboard against a wall and decided that I really liked seeing it there.  So I decided to make […]


The Hat Vine

I’ve been accumulating hats recently.  I’ve been piling them on my dinette table or throwing them over my couch whenever I needed the space, but that isn’t really a good long term storage solution.  The time came for me to make something on which to hang my hats.  Easy peasy, says I, I’ll just take a […]


Flower Chandelier, part 5

I finally got around to making a light-switch for the chandelier.  Weirdly, this wasn’t a huge priority – since the chandelier can be controlled from my main computer, I didn’t need to make a dedicated switch to control it.  Having a light-switch on the wall nearby, though, is convenient.  I didn’t want to always have […]


Flower Chandelier, part 4

The chandelier has been installed! My dad and I mounted an aluminum beam to a concrete beam near my ceiling, and the chandelier hangs from that.  Once the chandelier was hung, I added the butterflies that hang from the bottom of the chandelier.  I still need to make a light switch so that I can […]


Flower Chandelier, part 3

Queue the trumpet fan-faire!  All the parts for the chandelier have been finished!  This article is a quick photo journey through the assembly of the chandelier.  Most of the difficulty in this project was designing and making all the parts.  The actual assembly was fairly easy.  All the parts are stacked onto a central rod.  […]


Flower Chandelier, part 2

I’ve been busy, busy, busy designing parts for the chandelier.  The picture to the left shows a rendering of the parts I modeled in CAD.  I dragged my Dad into the project for the wooden parts – he has a lathe and I don’t, but mostly because he’s really good at woodworking.  (Thanks Dad!)  He also […]


Flower Chandelier, part 1

All right, I haven’t written for a while and it’s because I’ve been busy designing my next project – a chandelier that will hang above my dinette table!  This is so fun!  I worked up an approximation of what I want in Googly SketchUp, shown in the picture to the left.  The white parts are […]


Steel Beam Chair-Rail

I’m going to take a bit of break from writing about my Crystal Ball Lamp and describe some of the things I made before I started this blog.  This article will be about a chair-rail I made for the wall behind my dinette table.  I live in a converted factory building.  With its high, exposed […]

Crystal Ball Lamp, part 2

LED drivers – LED Supply power supply – LED Supply custom printed-circuit boards – BatchPCB.  I like how easy their web-based storefront makes it to submit designs to have produced, but they keep messing up my orders so I may have to find another place to have my circuit boards made. whew.  I think that’s […]