Ravé Maria [Apr 2021] get a link to this artwork

Cherry, maple, walnut, copper, yellow glitter in epoxy resin
[6"W x 6"D x 4"H]

This was a commissioned project for a friend who had made a Euclidean rhythm drum machine. He wanted a fancy box to house the electronics. He also had a frosted glass statue of Mary that he wanted on top and had made a 3D-printed box prototype. All of this inspired the aesthetic I chose -- I decided to blend the looks of a Catholic reliquary box and New Orleans styling.

The sides of the box are maple, dyed a magenta-ish color. The corner braces are copper; the trim moulding is walnut; the top and bottom are cherry, dyed purple; and the crown is walnut and copper. My friend's original 3D-printed box had a similarly shaped crown which I thought was great, so I kept that in the design. The inside of the crown is carved to hug the statue to keep it in place. It's removable, so when the device is being transported, there is the option to remove the statue and wrap it for better protection. The yellow ovals on the sides are inlays filled with yellow glitter and encased in epoxy resin. The box also includes my friend's colored LED lighting underneath the statue, which looks great through the frosted glass. The whole piece is finished with tung oil.

This was a really fun piece to make!