Dead End [Oct 2022] get a link to this artwork

various woods (mostly poplar), 3D printed details, LED lighting
[12" wide x 5" deep x 13¼" high]

I love old grungy industrial windows lit up at night. I made an earlier piece exploring these windows (Industrial Windows). This piece continues that theme but its focus is instead a dead end alley surrounded by old industrial buildings. There is a certain beauty in these scenes at night that I've tried to capture. This dead end even has the hint of an escape if you can find it -- an old doorway that has since been bricked up.

The bricks are hand carved in wood. I smeared tinted drywall joint compound into the mortar lines. Many of the darker spots were burned into the wood with my propane torch. The lighting is done mostly with warm white LEDs, but the streetlight at the end of the alley is an orange flickering LED. The windows also have a single orange flickering LED in addition to the warm white LEDs to give a hint of flicker.