Purple & Green [Jan 2024] get a link to this artwork

black locust, water color paint
[3½" high x 4¼" diameter]
[ Artifact 202401A ]
 $ 90 

This little bowl is secretly green .. when viewed under UV-A light (i.e. black light). 😄 It's made of black locust wood which is UV reactive -- UV-A light is absorbed by phosphorescent materials in black locust heartwood and re-radiated in the visible spectrum as a greenish-yellow light. It's not a subtle effect – the last picture in the slideshow shows the bowl under UV light and full room ambient lighting. Even with the room lighting, the glow is quite visible.

I used a torch to create the dark bands and wood-burning pens to create the patterned band. I smeared purple watercolor straight from the tube into the wood for the colored regions.