A Pot for Porthos [Apr 2023] get a link to this artwork

mulberry wood, epoxy resin, transtint dyes, walnut screw
[7¼" high x 6" diameter]
This one is a fun piece. I have a pothos plant in my workshop that I named Porthos. Porthos needed a pot. I've always wanted to try making a wooden pot that works for growing plants, so this seemed a perfect opportunity to experiment. The pot is made from mulberry wood but the inside is sealed with epoxy resin. It has holes drilled in the bottom for the drainage of excessive water and a dish below so the drained water doesn't fall on the tools below. The bottom dish screws into the pot with a big walnut screw I made. Porthos finally has more room to grow, nice soil, and a bit of plant food. Grow little Porthos, grow!