Eye Bowl III [Dec 2023] get a link to this artwork

American chestnut, crushed coal, resin, watercolor paints
[2½" high x 5¾" diameter]

Another Eye Bowl! These are fun. The pupil is crushed coal. The very bottom of the bowl is dyed black with India ink, which sort of makes the bowl look like it's floating in normal room ambient light. The rim is purple watercolor paint smeared onto the wood directly from the tube.

The wood is special. Because of a fungal blight, the American chestnut tree went nearly extinct. This tree used to be extremely common in the Eastern United States until the early 20th century. But thanks to the work of The American Chestnut Foundation and other agencies, researchers have been making progress towards a blight-resistant variant that retains the major properties of an American chestnut. They've made enough progress over the years that American chestnut wood is once again becoming available to woodworkers!